Introduction to OXOA Voyage

OXOA Network is thrilled to launch the OXOA Voyage campaign for our community members.

If you've found yourself pondering ways to actively participate and contribute to the flourishing OXOA ecosystem as a community member, the OXOA Voyage presents an exciting opportunity. This initiative goes beyond mere observation, offering a transformative experience that elevates individuals from being casual followers to valued contributors within the dynamic network community. Engage in the OXOA Voyage to discover how your unique skills, ideas, and enthusiasm can play a vital role in shaping the future and growth of the OXOA Network. Join the community, embark on this enriching journey, and become an integral part of the evolving OXOA ecosystem. Your contributions can make a significant impact as we collectively navigate the path to success and innovation.

What is OXOA Voyage?

OXOA Voyage is a campaign where community members participate in experiencing and understanding how the OXOA Network works, thereby contributing to our ecosystem and promoting the ecosystem to more potential users.

Community members who contribute primarily to OXOA Voyage will also receive a $OXOA token airdrop from the OXOA Network.

OXOA Voyage used the Zealy platform to provide tasks and quests to the OXOA Network's Discord server members. Every quest, campaign, or action gets you points, which you may use to level up and access critical Discord roles and channels.

These activities will be divided into several categories. Each category will be introduced in phases, as detailed below.

  • Phase 1: OXOA Origin

  • Phase 2: OX-Node (coming soon)

  • Phase 3: Game Playing (coming soon)

  • Phase 4: NFT Minting (coming soon)

Phase 1: OXOA Origin started from January 7, 2024.

Discord Roles & Points

You will get XP (experience points) when you accomplish tasks on Zealy. Participants who finish in the top percentile in the five phases will be allocated a Discord role. The higher the Discord role, the more likely you will get reward.

Discord Contribution LevelPoints Percentile

Standard OXOA


Extraordinary OXOA


Mythical OXOA


Exalled OXOA


OXOA Gladiator


For the vast majority, OXOA Voyage offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about real economies and open commerce in the next generation of web3 independent games. Discover how OXOA Network will tackle the issues required to bring millions of players into the web3 domain. The OXOA team believes that the low barrier to entry into the OXOA testnet and ecosystem will make testing, exploring, and learning about the OXOA Network enjoyable.

How to Participate?

Step 1: Join OXOA Network Discord server

Step 2: Complete Voyage Quest on Zealy to start earning points

Enjoy your journey to becoming a top contributor to OXOA Voyage!

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