Phase 3: May - July 2024


  • Following the TGE, setting the stage for OXOA Redemptions, isOXOA staking, and the debut of the next games.

  • OXOA Redemptions: After the TGE, isOXOA will be redeemable for fully transferable OXOA, enabling holders to redeem their assets.

  • Staking & Yield Farming: Post-TGE, staking for isOXOA will become available, allowing holders to stake their tokens for various benefits.

CEX Partner

More Indie Game Studio Partnership

  • One of the industry's most popular game developers will begin deploying their entire portfolio of games to OXOA.

Launch Mainnet Games

  • Indie Game 1

  • Indie Game 2

  • Indie Game 3


  • Colosseum is a tournament for outstanding gamers organized by the OXOA Foundation and its partners. This competition serves as a breeding ground for talented gamers, offering rewards that match their skills.

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