Forecasted $OXOA & $isOXOA Release and Burning


  • The Circulating Supply encompasses the total quantity of unlocked OXOA and isOXOA, excluding any locked portion.

  • Total Supply represents the overall quantity of OXOA and isOXOA in existence at any given time, whether in a locked or unlocked state.

  • The combined Maximum Total Supply of OXOA and isOXOA is set at 2.5 billion tokens.

Forecasted Release and Burning

In the OXOA ecosystem, all gas fees are settled and consumed in OXOA through a burning mechanism.

The daily issuance of isOXO by OX-nodes is intricately linked to the combined current Total Supply of OXOA and isOXOA.

The OXOA Total Supply experiences a decrease as OXOA is incinerated as gas within the ecosystem. Concurrently, the Total Supply of isOXOA diminishes as isOXOA is burned during the redemption process, contingent upon user inputs.

The release rate of isOXOA on a daily basis is subject to change, depending on the combined Total Supply of OXOA and isOXOA. When specific Total Supply thresholds are reached, the release of isOXOA undergoes an automatic halving. Conversely, if the Total Supply diminishes below the halving threshold due to burning, the release rate of isOXOA can increase to meet the demand. These two factors interact, creating a flexible and adaptive supply mechanism. This mechanism ensures consistent rewards for OX-Nodes in the ecosystem, addressing key challenges for the chain. Simultaneously, the dynamic halving introduces constraints on the overall supply by exerting negative pressure on the quantity of tokens in circulation.

The initiation of a decrease in daily release occurs when the Total Supply approaches roughly half of the Maximum Total Supply. Subsequently, this reduction persists each time the Total Supply rises by half of the preceding threshold value. The fundamental Release Tranches are outlined as follows:

≤ 1,250,000,0001,712,328.7671232900

≤ 1,875,000,000


≤ 2,187,500,000


≤ 2,343,750,000


≤ 2,421,875,000


≤ 2,460,937,500


≤ 2,480,468,750


…etc. This continues on forever.

Support for the essential operations of OX-nodes, crucial for maintaining network integrity, is backed by 85% of isOXOA releases. The remaining 15% is designated for a gas subsidy node, aimed at fostering a gasless experience for players. This strategy aims to reduce friction on the chain, potentially leading to an increase in transaction volume.

  • Review the Roadmap to see when this functionality is available.

  • Node emissions are expected to experience their first halving event 5-6 months after TGE when investor tokens are minted.

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