OX-NODE Affiliate Program

OX-NODE operators can refer other people to become OX-NODE operators and earn affiliate commissions.

1. Terms:

  • Promoter: Users successfully creating a referral link or referral code are recognized as promoters.

  • Referee: Users purchasing OX-Keys successfully through a promoter's referral link or code are recognized as referees.

  • Affiliate Dashboard: A dedicated space for promoters to monitor their Affiliate Program results, including the number of referees with their account IDs, referee transaction history, and the commission received by the promoter.

2. Affiliate Flow:

  • The promoter creates a referral link or code within the affiliate dashboard and shares it with potential referees.

  • Referee successfully purchase OX-Keys through the referral link, verify their account, initiate OX-Node operation at least once, and engage with OXOA Network's social channels (Telegram, Discord, Twitter) by liking, sharing, and pinning posts.

  • Referees start running OX-Nodes to receive rewards in isOXO Tokens.

3. Commission:

  • Promoter Commission: Promoters receive a 5% commission on the total value of OX-Keys purchased by their referees for the OXOA Network.

  • Referee Commission: Referees, upon successfully purchasing OX-Keys, initiate OX-Nodes operation using the purchased key to earn rewards in isOXOA Tokens.

  • Commission Claim Schedule: Promoters can claim their commission twice a month with no fees (free fee claim).

  • Optional Claim: Promoters have the flexibility to claim their commission at any time, but each claim incurs a fee based on the gas fee of the blockchain network at that moment.

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