Who can operate OX-Nodes?

Operating a node within the OXOA ecosystem is an accessible endeavor for anyone, involving the straightforward steps of downloading the software, installing it, and initiating the node's operation.

However, to unlock the potential for rewards, the acquisition of at least one OX-Node License Key becomes imperative. The process of claiming these accrued rewards is contingent upon closely following subsequent announcements from the OXOA Team.

It's essential to note that OX-Nodes, if not actively running or inadequately funded to cover gas fees, will not accumulate rewards, even if equipped with a valid license key.

Consequently, operators must prioritize ensuring that their nodes are adequately funded, consistently online, and actively operational to maximize their potential for accruing rewards within the OXOA ecosystem. This prerequisite underscores the importance of sustained engagement and financial support for the optimal functioning of OX-Nodes.

The OX-Node software is your go-to for Windows Desktop, Mac, and Linux (64-bit recommended). The app even supports ARM Processors like Apple M1/M2 chips.

Hardware Requirements:

  • 2 GB RAM

  • 2 CPU Cores

  • 40 GB Disk Space

  • x86/X64 Processor

  • Stable Internet Connection

  • Challenges can be missed in the event of a significant update. These updates will be announced in Discord ahead of time.

  • Node operators may be required to update their software to keep the nodes running.

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