OXOA Development Team

The OXOA Development Team is the custodian of the blockchain technology that supports the games made by game creators and deployed on the chain.

The team was founded by members with 5 to 10 years of experience in the blockchain market and have been builders of potential projects. The founding team members stay anonymous for security purposes.

What does the team do?

  • Blockchain Strategy: The Team develops the strategy for the blockchain network, and guarantees that the network is stable and secure, allowing for flawless gameplay experiences.

  • Token Issuance and Management: The Team is in charge of producing and distributing the network token, the blockchain ecosystem's native currency. The foundation also manages the token's governance and assures a fair and transparent distribution procedure.

  • Community Development and Governance: The Team is dedicated to building a friendly and inclusive community around blockchain gaming. It will allow the OXOA Network community to gradually engage in network governance, ensuring that key choices are taken jointly.

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