$OXOA Token

OXOA is the designated token for the OXOA blockchain. Its functionality aligns with the conventional utility of tokens on mainstream L1s and L2s, and OXOA is completely transferable.

Use cases

OXOA has various use cases, including functioning as the gas fee token on the OXOA Network L3. Additionally, it plays a crucial role as the primary currency in the gaming ecosystem, facilitating payments for both games and in-game items. Furthermore, OXOA can be exchanged for isOXOA.


In building the OXOA Network ecosystem, we prioritize transparency and active community involvement, as reflected in our thoughtful $OXOA token allocation. With a total supply of 2 billion tokens, our distribution strategy aims to fairly acknowledge and reward Node Operators who make significant contributions to the network.

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 OXOA 1. Node and Community (43.00%)

Allocation: 860.000.000 OXOA

Vesting Period: Monthly over 36 months

Overview: Node operators and community members will receive the largest allocation, constituting 43% of the total supply. Node operators play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and security of the network. The Incentives for Node Operators reflects our appreciation for the community's commitment and contribution.

Vesting Structure: Rewards for Node Key holders are issued monthly over a 36-month period after the redemption. This approach encourages a sustained contribution to the ecosystem with long term. 2. Investors (15.00%) Allocation: 300.000.000 OXOA Vesting Period: Monthly over 24 months

Overview: This allocation is dedicated to investors who shares the same vision with OXOA and stick with long-term development. Vesting Structure: Investors, who purchased 15% of the total supply in early rounds, will experience a similar unlocking process beginning six months after the TGE and extending over 24 months, totaling 30 months. 3. Teams (10.00%) Allocation: 200,000,000 OXOA Overview: This allocation will be used to support team's operations, pay for expenses, and to fund future development plans. Vesting Structure: The core team has been assigned 10% of the total supply, with a gradual unlocking process starting six months after the TGE and spanning 36 months in total.

4. Ecosystem Growth (9.50%) Allocation: 190,000,000 OXOA Overview: This allocation is aimed at compensating individuals engaged in beneficial activities for OXOA, ranging from technical optimization, community growth and marketing efforts. Vesting Structure: The ecosystem has earmarked 9.5% for market makers, unlocking immediately at TGE, and 5.5% for general ecosystem purposes, unlocking over a 36-month period, starting six months post-TGE and totaling 42 months. 5. Game Incentives (8.50%) Allocation: 170,000,000 OXOA Overview: This allocation is waiting to be claimed by OXOA games's players. It can be earned by playing games on OXOA Network and completing certain game objectives. It is also used to support game operation. Vesting Structure: 100% at TGE 6. Media & Partner KOL (7.00%) Allocation: 140,000,000 OXOA

Overview: 7% of total supply is reserved for media, partners, KOLs. These tokens can be used for promotions and marketing purpose.

Vesting Structure: 10% at TGE, 3 month cliff, linear vesting 12 months.

7. Public Round (7.00%)

Allocation: 140,000,000 OXOA

Overview: 7% of the total supply will be used for Public Sale. This entire amount will be fully vested at TGE.


OXOA Network raises funds through 3 rounds: Seed Round, Private Round, and Public Round. The information about Public Round will be updated soon.

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