$isOXOA Token

Operators can seamlessly transfer isOXOA between the three staking accounts without incurring any penalties. isOXOA, primarily utilized for staking, offers a range of benefits and is non-transferable.

Staked isOXOA provides advantages such as enhancing isOXOA yield in the Yield Account.

Additionally, operators can stake isOXOA in the Culture Account to access exclusive events and NFTs related to games on the OXOA Blockchain.

For governance rights, operators can stake in the Governance Account, allowing them to propose initiatives for the DAO/Foundation treasury.

To unstake isOXOA, a 7-day unlocking period is required. The reward token for node operators, isOXOA, is utilized to compensate OX-Node operators, furnishing them with various advantages in the process.

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