Phase 1: January - February 2024

In Phase 1, the focus will be on stress testing the testnet, launching OX-Nodes to decentralize the network, TBA.

OXOA Origin (Released)

  • The OXOA Blockchain Testnet launches along with OXOA Voyage (Phase 1 - Origin), a campaign to raise awareness and stress-test the new chain. During this phase, games will be released on the Testnet. Users who actively engage in these games and provide feedback will become Early Contributors, earning the Gladiator role. Early contributors will also receive an airdrop from OXOA, amounting to 50% of the total supply allocated for them.

OX-NODE (Released)

  • Active participants in games on the OXOA Blockchain and contributors to the Mainnet process will earn the prestigious Gladiator role, granting access to the Colosseum Lounge and rewarding their efforts. OX-NODEs are now open to the public, enabling anyone to aid in network decentralization and monitor its integrity. Early contributors to OX-NODE operation will receive significant rewards, with 50% of the total supply allocated for them. OX-Keys will be available for purchase, allowing individuals to operate an OX-Node and enhance network security. Initially, OX-Nodes will run on the testnet, accruing isOXOA, which will seamlessly transition to the mainnet launch, ensuring full compatibility.

Release the first game on OXOA Network (Released)

  • Minesweeper Battle, the inaugural game produced through a collaboration between Inno Games Studio and OXOA Network, has successfully launched. With over 16,000 games played and more than 8,000 players worldwide, Minesweeper Battle has passed stringent scrutiny from Magic Eden with the highest trust score.

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