Phase 2: March 2024 - April 2024

Phase 2 will focus on the Mainnet launch, upgrading nodes for staking and redemptions, and deploying primitives onto the chain, and the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Release the second game on OXOA Network (Coming soon)

Improving and adding additional features to the OX-NODE system

  • Gathering user feedback to enhance the APP and OX-NODE system, launching a version for Mac OS, fixing bugs, and delivering the optimal version to improve the user experience when operating OX-NODEs.

Collaborating with zkSync to perfect the ZK Stack

  • The OXOA development team contributes to zkSync's library, identifies weaknesses in the ZK Stack, and collaborates with the zkSync development team to enhance it.


  • The mainnet of the OXOA Blockchain is introduced in anticipation of the inaugural game launch.

The zkPorter technology application.

  • Integrating zkSync's zkPorter technology into the OXOA Network, pioneering the development of a Hyperchain optimized for gaming.

The debut of the OXOA Universe. (Only use $OXOA as gas fee)

  • OXOA Bridge: Combining zkSync's leading liquidity with OXOA's industry-leading transaction times, this OXOA Bridge will develop and deploy a groundbreaking solution supporting potentially billions of gamers worldwide.

  • OXOA AMM: OXOA AMM is the native AMM DEX platform of the OXOA Network, specifically designed for exchanging tokens of game projects launched on the OXOA Network. Liquidity providers will receive highly attractive APR rates.

  • OXOA HUB: OXOA-HUB is a special program by the OXOA Network designed for promising Game Studios. We are ready to incubate and invest in high-quality Game Studios, helping them bring their games to the web3 space.

  • OXOA NFT Marketplace: Introducing the NFT Marketplace, enabling users to easily exchange their NFTs. The OXOA NFT Marketplace is created to serve projects launched on the OXOA Network and potentially other blockchains as well.

  • OXOA Staking Platform: Introducing the Staking Platform, a platform allowing users to earn passive income by staking $OXOA. Those who stake $OXOA will receive special benefits, such as participation in the launchpad and receiving airdrops from projects launched on the OXOA Network.

  • OXOA Launchpad: The OXOA Launchpad serves as a platform for game projects launched on the OXOA Network to raise funds and garner support from the community, fostering a stronger OXOA Network community and enabling users to contribute to the success of their favorite game projects.

Release the third game on OXOA Network

  • $isOXOA Double - the premier destination for doubling your holdings on the OXOA Network. It's a platform where you can enjoy the classic coin flip game. There are only two outcomes: players either double the amount of $isOXOA they wager or lose it all. The results are entirely random and cannot be influenced by the $isOXOA Double team or any third party. All flipping and claiming activities on $isOXOA Double are recorded on the OXOA Blockchain Network Explorer.

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